Newton Message Pad 120


Family: Newton

Codename: Gelato

Minimum OS: Newton OS 1.3

Maximum OS: Newton OS 2.0

Introduced: October 1994

Terminated: June 1996


CPU: ARM 610

CPU Speed: 20 MHz

FPU: none

Register Width: 32-bit

Data Bus Width: 32-bit

Address Bus Width: 32-bit

Level 1 Cache: 4 kB


Onboard RAM: 1.0/2.0 MB

Maximum RAM: 1.0/2.0 MB

Expansion Slots: 1 Type II PCMCIA


Screen: reflective LCD

Max Resolution: 1 bit 320x240


Serial: 1

Speaker: mono


Modem: 9600 bps, optional


Dimensions: 8" H x 4" W x 1.25" D

Weight: 1 lbs.

Released in Germany in October 1994 and in the US in January 1995, the NMP was available with either 1 MB or 2 MB of RAM, but was in other ways very similar to the NMP 110. In November 1995, the NMP 120 gained an important upgrade: Newton OS 2.0. The 2.0 release included a number of enhancements, including dramatically better handwriting recognition, improved backup of data to Mac or PC, and an improved user interface. The NMP 120 sold for $599, and was discontinued in June 1996.

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